What do you do if someone you know and love has been diagnosed with cancer? It can feel like the floor has dropped from under your feel and left you feeling lost. Many at The Super Jake Foundation have felt this before. Whether you are a family member or friend of the family, cancer effects everyone and leaves them feeling helpless. We hope the following links and ideas will help bring sure footing as you face the trials that lay ahead in your journey.

  • Start a journal. It is helpful to have a place to write your feelings down and even to look back at where you were a week or a month ago. Websites, such as CaringBridge, allow for parents and cancer patients to journal and share their journal with others. This provides a great way to keep friends and family updated while allowing you the opportunity to write out your feelings about what is going on.
  • Seek counsel from others who have gone through the same thing you have.
  • Be honest with those around you. Honesty will allow others to know how to help you.

  • Always be willing to listen. You can never know how much a listening friend is worth.
  • Bring a meal. At times of medical upheaval, good, healthy meals get pushed to the wayside for the sake of time and sanity. A friendly face with a home-cooked meal in tow can make all the difference.
  • Gift cards for the family’s favorite grocery store, restaurant, or even general store can be a great help. Often, a family with a child who has cancer is not home around meal times. Being at the hopsital begins to take over the schedule. Having gift cards can help ease the financial burden of eating out often.
  • Ask what you can do to help. Let the family know you are available to help however you can.

Air Charity Network – Provides free airfare for cancer patients
Flashes of Hope – Offers photo shoots for children with cancer
National Children’s Cancer Society – Offers many resources for families dealing with the effects of pediatric cancer
Patient Advocate Foundation – Helps with insurance and healthcare issues that may arise when dealing with cancer
Super Sibs – Offers help and support to the siblings of those diagnosed with cancer
Wigs for Kids – Provides wigs for children dealing with the effects of chemo