Congratulations to the 2020 SJF Memorial Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Abigail Frea, our 3rd annual memorial scholarship recipient!

“Abigail is an accomplished student, planning to major in pre-medicine, as well as a varsity athlete and team captain, all while holding down a part-time job. Impressive no doubt, but what impressed the Super Jake Board the most was her kindness and sense of humanity and humility. In her essay, she wrote that she plans to be a ‘physician assistant who is delivering care, always with kindness.’ We felt Super Jake smiling as she talked about being kind to children in the hopes that her ‘little corner of the world will hopefully make a difference in someone’s life.’ Awarding this scholarship to someone like Abigail who wants to work in healthcare helping children, with a kind heart, is a gift to Jake’s memory and a gift to the many small children like him who are faced with scary hospitals and terrifying tests where the smile and simple kindness from one person makes a big difference. On behalf of the children like Jake you will soon be helping, we thank you!” – TSJ Foundation

At $4,500, the SJF memorial scholarship is the largest community award presented to an LHS student. Please donate now to help offset college costs for future recipients.