Meet Leif!

Meet Leif, our newest patient grantee! Leif is a beautiful three-year-old boy who was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in April. Leif is curious, brave, strong-willed, introverted, clever, and sweet. He loves model trains, fire trucks, painting, singing, and spending time with his younger brother Nels. Leif is currently undergoing extensive treatment, including a stem cell transplant at Lurie Children’s Hospital. As you can imagine, this will require a lot of transportation and lodging expenses for his family. This family will benefit from any financial assistance that they receive as Leif goes through this treatment.

Super Jake Foundation was delighted to help with a $4,000 patient grant. We are sending prayers and love to Leif and his family as he continues battling neuroblastoma. If you are interested in helping kids like Leif, please donate today at