Make a Difference Monday!

On this #makeadifferencemonday, we would like to introduce you to one of our recent SJF grantees. Tanner turned 2-years-old this past April Fools Day. He was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma just four days later. Tanner lives with his mom, dad, and two older brothers in Waterford, Wisconsin. He loves animals, he likes to play with dogs and chase birds at the beach. Tanner fell shortly after his 2nd birthday, his parents’ thought he had a broken bone so they rushed him to the local urgent care. From the urgent care, he was taken to the children’s hospital, where a CT scan uncovered a large mass on his right cheek. 
Tanner will now need 15-18 months of various cancer treatments. These cancer treatments will cause Tanner to be infertile. His parents have signed him up for a research study that will freeze part of his testes in hopes that he may be able to use his sperm in the future to start a family of his own. Tanner’s parents would like to use the grant money to fund Tanner’s participation in this research study. 
We are honored to have the opportunity to make things just a bit easier for these incredible families.  We are grateful to all of our supporters for continuing to make these grants possible! #makeadifferencemonday