Make A Difference Monday

For this #makeadifferencemonday, we would like to introduce you to a recent Super Jake grantee – Carson! Pre-diagnosis, Carson was a carefree, active six-year-old. His mother, Lynetta, describes him as an absolute sweetheart, full of life and energy. Unfortunately, his treatments have put a toll on him, both physically and mentally. 
Lynetta has left her job to care for Carson and is behind on many of her household bills. She plans to use the grant to create some breathing room and allow her to focus on being by Carson’s side and helping him to get healthy!
Our foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of kids living with neuroblastoma. Carson is one of many that we can help. We are proud to have never denied a grant request and with your support, we can continue helping these kids. #makeadifferencemonday #morethan4 #seasonofgiving