Meet Noah!

He’s 4-months-old. He’s adorable. His mother, Simone, describes Noah as “a smiley and expressive baby who loves his Mom and Dad.” I’d have to agree, from the photo, I can tell Noah has quite the cute gummy smile . Noah lives in Chicago with his mom, dad, and older sister. 
Shortly after his birth, Noah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Noah is currently being cared for by his mother, who has been unable to work since his diagnosis and stays home to provide care for Noah as he attempts to meet his important weight goals and other developmental checkpoints. The Super Jake Hero Grant will likely be used for basic financial support in the form of food, stable housing, and bills for Noah’s health care. 
While Noah is younger and less accomplished than our last grantee, he’s got a lot of life left to live. He has a whole story that has yet to be written. The origin of the name “Noah” comes from the Hebrew word “Noach” which means “rest” and “comfort.” Just as Noah is providing comfort to his family through his presence, I believe he will find rest through his conquering of this disease. That’s what we all must believe, as that is why we get up everyday and face this beast so that all children will find comfort, rest, and life at the point of victory from neuroblastoma. 
And we at the Super Jake Foundation get the great honor to help Noah and his family in finding some financial rest so that they are able to continue fighting neuroblastoma. 
This feeling of purpose to others makes our involvement, hard work, and dedication to our cause, to honor our Super Jake, and to eradicate neuroblastoma totally worth it. #morethan4