Meet Sam!

Meet Sam, one of our recent Super Jake Hero Grantees! Just look at that adorable smile!
Pre-diagnosis, Sam was a happy, playful toddler. His mother, Cristal, describes him as her little miracle baby, as he was conceived through IVF. Sam is special to his family in so many ways. He has been fighting for his life since his diagnosis in March 2022, though the cancer has slowed him down physically, his mother states that he is doing amazing. 
As cancer will do, Sam’s parents are experiencing great financial strain due to the treatments, doctors appointments, and normal costs of living. Sam’s parents are asking for our help, through the Super Jake Hero Grant Program, they would like to use the money to build a park in his backyard. Due to the cancer treatment, Sam has become severely immunocompromised; therefore, he can’t go to public parks or play with other children. Sam’s mother said that he used to love to go to the neighborhood park. Cristal is hoping a decent sized swing set or jungle gym will help to bring some joy and sense of normalcy back into Sam’s life.