On this day, 17 years ago…

Hello everyone,

My name is Megan and I am one of Super Jake’s cousins. I’m 31-years-old and with the passage of time, I am now at around the age my Aunt Ann, Jake’s Mother, was when she gave birth to Jake in 2000. I honestly can’t imagine having a son that would, in three short years, come home from daycare with a stomach ache that would turn out to be Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer. It’s a rare and deadly pediatric cancer that would take his life. I would have no choice but to watch my beautiful little boy suffer and die in my arms. The emotional weight of even writing this is causing my hands to shake and my eyes to weld up with tears. 

But this is exactly what happened to my Aunt Ann, Uncle Matt, and cousin Taylor, Jake’s baby sister. On this day 17 years ago, my little cousin, “Super Jake” Robert Widman, earned his Angel Wings. 

There was nothing any of us could do to save Jake from the cancer. Even though my Aunt Ann, Uncle Matt, and Jake fought hard against all odds. Sadly, 17 years later, many families still face this grime reality for their child. It would seem humanity is more willing to commit 100% to landing on the moon, exploring the edges of our universe, and funding research to learn more about living on Mars. But when it comes to exploring, solving, and funding pediatric cancer, humanity commits just 4%. When will finding the cure for Neuroblastoma and other pediatric cancers get the spotlight they need to turn from research to reality? Our kids deserve more than 4 years.  

If you do nothing else today, think about donating to help find the cure for Neuroblastoma. The Super Jake Foundation was created by Jake’s Mom and Dad, to help fund research to find a cure for Neuroblastoma. This incredible foundation is run 100% by volunteers, this means 100% of your donation goes to helping beautiful children just like Jake. 

I’m supremely proud to be part of The Super Jake Foundation. I’m incredibly grateful for the moments and memories I had with Jake. He changed me and many others by his presence, his courage, his strength, and his spirit. Oftentimes, I catch myself wondering what an amazing life Jake would have lived, if he’d been given more than 4 years. 

Thank you to all our supporters. I know in my heart that Jake is looking down on us today and smiling. 

Love always, cousin Megan