Super Hero Grant App

Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Mr. Incredible aren’t the only Super Heroes roaming the planet fighting off bad guys. Some of the strongest and most courageous super heroes are waking up each morning to battle an evil nemesis known as neuroblastoma. The goal of the Super Jake Super Hero Grant Program is to recognize the courage and determination of these inspirational heroes by offering some financial support to them and their families in the hopes of alleviating some of the many physical, psychological, and financial challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Currently, this program is limited to children diagnosed with neuroblastoma who reside in Illinois or Wisconsin or who are treated for neuroblastoma at a children’s hospital in Illinois or Wisconsin. This includes children with an original diagnosis as well as children who have relapsed with neuroblastoma.

The mission of The Super Jake Foundation is to help children with neuroblastoma and their families. We know that having to complete a cumbersome application process and attach income tax returns and other documentation is stressful and time-consuming. All we ask is that you complete the one-page application below, stating the need or dream you would like this grant to help you fulfill. We need you to include a photo of the patient and have your hospital social worker and/or oncologist sign and date the application as well. We also ask the social worker and/or oncologist to provide a letter on the hospital letterhead to confirm the diagnosis for neuroblastoma, including any other disease-specific information they would like to include. If your application is approved, we request that you send an updated photo and brief message telling us how you used your grant award and keep us posted on your progress.

To apply, complete and sign the simple, one-page Super Jake Super Hero Grant Application, along with the requested attachments.

Grants will be awarded throughout the year as patient/family needs arise.

Patients with an initial neuroblastoma diagnosis and patients who may have relapsed but have not
yet applied and/or received a Super Hero Grant are eligible for a grant of up to $2500. Patients who have received an initial Super Hero Grant and have relapsed are eligible for another grant of up to $2000. Please indicate the grant amount you are applying for based on the need or dream you want this grant to help you fulfill. Grants will be awarded in various amounts based on patient need and available Foundation funding.

If your grant application is approved, The Super Jake Foundation asks that you email or mail an updated photo, as well as a letter/email updating us on your treatment and telling us how the grant monies were used. Please provide this update within 3 months of receiving your grant award. The Super Jake Foundation may also follow-up with you via email every once in awhile to get an update.

In addition, The Super Jake Foundation requests permission from all grantees to use the patient’s and family’s names, story, and pictures to help raise awareness for The Super Jake Foundation, and to increase awareness of neuroblastoma and pediatric cancer and the need for funding for an unlimited period of time in all media.